Volunteer Appreciation Sail

In appreciation for all of the hard work that Sailing Ships Maine volunteers have contributed to our operations this year, the Harvey Gamage crew provided the opportunity for a volunteer appreciation sail and reception aboard the beloved schooner. 

Blue skies and a late summer sun greeted the volunteers as they boarded the schooner and began to enjoy refreshments. As the ship left Portland Harbor, however, she slipped into a thick sea fog that rolled in as sunset neared. With the help of GPS, Captain Bailey and the crew kept the sail on course through the thickening gloom. 

Not only did volunteers enjoy each other’s company and make new friends, but they were delighted by the ghostly appearance of other schooners as they emerged from the fog.

Thank you to all of our generous volunteers who make our mission possible! Please contact us if you are interested in opportunities to help our organization and support education at sea for Maine teens!