Tall Ships Portland 2015 Designated a “Marine Event of National Significance”

Recently, the crew at Tall Ships Portland 2015 received word from the US Coast Guard that our event has been designated a “Marine Event of National Significance”, or a MENS. 

The coast guard defines a MENS as “an event that carries a high degree of political or public interest”. The Coast Guard recognizes that MENS have “an underlying purpose to promote maritime heritage, cultural exchange and international goodwill.” In addition to the recognition of cultural contributions, a MENS allows certain types of foreign vessels the right to be present at an event with special permits. Normally, most foreign ships that are not cargo ships (like the Spanish flagged  tall ship El Galeón Delucia for example) would require extensive certification from the Coast Guard despite having foreign safety documents. In the case of a MENS however, these foreign tall ships will be able to use foreign documents to ensure that they meet safety restrictions.  Beyond the fact that a MENS certification allows foreign ships to carry passengers and participate in events they otherwise would not be able to, a MENS certification also demonstrates that an event has a strong link to maritime heritage, and that this link is strong enough to be acknowledged by the Coast Guard. 

    With this designation, even the Coast Guard recognizes how significant this event will be. If you want to attend this nationally significant event, tickets are on sale now!