Across the Gulf of Maine!

Captain's Log - Jonathan Steitzer

Lat - 42-51'N
Long - 70-27'W
H/L - Cape Ann

Yesterday's stay outside Provincetown provided an excellent adventure ashore for the students. They took our inflatable in accompanied by Jess from the crew. They had a great time exploring, eating ice cream and seeing a vibrant culture.

They came back to the vessel full of good spirits and enjoyed the company of another Tall Ship,  Lynx which sailed up and anchored close by.

They're all pitching in as one crew, doing the fun stuff of setting the sails and the hard work too, like cooking and cleaning and standing Anchor watches. They each bring something to the table and seem to all really value each other.

This morning we started early (4am!) to make up for lost time and they hopped right to, pitching in to set the sails and get underway, then they made amazing egg sandwiches for breakfast.

Today had been a great day with fresh wind, and Anna, Andrew and James have all gone aloft to variously strike, set, and furl sail. A real adventure!

We headed North over Stellwagon bank and were accompanied for hours by whales. It was incredible! The students climbed the rig to get a better look!

They've also been asking and learning about the charts, but today has been such a full day of sailing that they've been very busy with lines and the duties of the ship.

We set every sail and for awhile were a glowing vision in white. Most importantly they're all having fun, challenging ourselves and staying safe. Still no sunburns!