Lat - 42-19.0'N
Long- 70-53.8'W
Headland- pt Allenton

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Morning finds us underway out of Hull Gut and from Hull Bay and Boston Harbor. The students are feeling refreshed after some quality dinner and sleep last night. As I write Zak and Lydon are aloft shaking out the fore topsail.

Yesterday saw us sailing down to Boston with beautiful wind and sun, we were close hauled on starboard after mid morning and everyone took their turn helping. Jonathan on Port Watch really stepped up, steering and cooking and working really hard while some of his watch mates were sick.

Starboard watch (Eva Zak and Lydon) also pitched in to help. The students are doing a wonderful job sailing.

Last night we recapped our trip so far and even though it's only been a few days they were excited to see how far they had come. We're having a great time.

They're also learning to sail, Zak and Lydon love to be in the head rig, and Eva has gone out there as well. Jonathan said to me "We're kind of learning this just by doing it, it's fun" and Dolan said "More hot cocoa please," Dolan is actually quite good on the helm.

Signing off for now.

All is well.