Lat - 42-40.7'N
Long- 70-26.1'W
Headland- "Cape Ann"

Current - U/W
Headed - provincetown or Plymouth, depending on wx


Checking in from offshore of Cape Ann and what a day! We left Casco Bay early and motor-sailed down the bay, the students made an awesome pancake breakfast then hopped to setting the sails. Zak and Jonathan (student) went aloft and helped shake the fore topsail, which we then set.

Shamen guided us out the channel steering past Portland Head Light while Lydon and Eva helped set sails and doubled as a bow watch. Dolan was right in the mix too setting and helping, and chugging hot cocoa.

They pitched in as a team to clean the boat and do morning chores, and the excitement as we got going was palpable. They're already working well together and helping take care of each other while having fun and getting the job done.

Rounding Cape Elizabeth we ran into a stiff south west breeze. We had to strike the square and do the best to windward that we could. Looking at an extremely late arrival at an anchorage and southerly winds to fight all week I made the call to head offshore, so we broke into watches and night sailing came early in the trip!

We carried on under the stars, striking sail and turning on the engine when the wind died. The students took their turns running Fritha, bow watch, steering, idle. Overhead we had the milky way, constellations and shooting stars. Eva counted 6.

The wind and waves have laid a few students low but the lower seas and winds of the night have let them bounce back. Everyone is pitching in to help those who are under the weather.

As I write the sun has yet to break the horizon and we are underway with some slightly tired but happy students.

Jonathan (Capt)