Lat - 41-57.05'N
Long - 70-37.08'W
Headland - Plymouth Beach

Current - Warren Cove, Plymouth Bay
Next - Buzzard's Bay anchorage


The fight to the South West continues. We got an early start from Boston Harbor at 7 am. The southerly was already blowing from south-southwest and we were quickly able to put up a lot of canvas. We began the day hoping for Provincetown or Plymouth depending on which way the wind set, and once clear of the hazards around Boston we set to close hauled and saw how we could do.

The students are doing excellent. They can brace the sails, set and strike, pass the headsails. They've been cooking excellent meals and finding downtime to refresh. Shamen has taught them poker before he left, and I stuck my head below at one point yesterday afternoon to find Dolan with a pile of candy - poker chips. Sometime later I heard a shout from below, Zak had eaten Dolan's Reese's.

The wind came up sportily in the morning, we were heeled right over and moving well when Zak, bow watch at the time pointed off to starboard and said "Looks Like rain" and boy was he right.

Squall after squall hit us and we wound up sailing through various intensities of rain for the next 7 hours, taking in sail as needed, tacking into what was now wind from the south.  Provincetown was out of the question with the wind and we battled on for Plymouth, arriving in the evening in time for tacos.

The students have been amazing. Working hard and maintaining great attitudes even in the face of physical hardship, like being wet and soggy. They're thrilled by the sailing as the boat moves and have become quite adept at sailing her.

Dolan helmed us through a tack while Eva is our resident expert at sailing close hauled, as close to the wind as you can while keeping the sails full and the boat moving well. Jonathan pitches in whether steering or watching the bow, or cooking or just entertaining Dolan. Zak loves being on the head rig and the bowsprit so much that he's taken to permanently wearing a harness so he can pop out at a moment's notice. Yesterday he was wearing it over PJs, and Lydon has been an absolute rock with good cheer and a great attitude. He was on the helm through the worst of the rain and steered us into our anchorage last night as well.

Overall the trip is going well and the students are getting a lot out of it.