Taking the Helm

Day 4: August 25, 2016

This morning the sun broke on an already windy day as we sit anchored in Seal Cove. Today the students will take the lead and navigate and sail us through the rest of the fox island thoroughfare, then across west Penobscot Bay to Rockland.

Yesterday we had some top notch sailing, cutting out between the ledges that guard the western entrance of Merchant's Row, Adam navigating us between west halibut ledge and sparrow island, while Cody did an excellent job steering. We ghosted West towards the islands of North Haven and Vinalhaven. The wind died as we neared Winter Harbor and we struck the reefs from our sails.

Nick took over sailing and Adam continued to navigate us into the thoroughfare, watching for ledges and other hazards as we began to reach into the Eastern approach. Conner and Oliver shared bow watch and became our men on the foredeck, working the sheets and the headsails to get us through each tack.

Outbound we passed the schooners Heritage and Victory Chimes, and we began to beat through the thoroughfare as the wind picked up again. Ahead of us the American Eagle was two tacks ahead and it was beautiful to sail in formation with her. We picked our way among the shallows and the hazards, and the students did incredibly well. Learning the rhythm of the boat and how she sailed through a tack.

We beat our way to Iron Point then dropped down to Seal Cove, anchoring and having swim call, then late afternoon lessons. We're having a great time. We've been sailing off and on to the anchor, and these guys are sharp as tacks.

Capt. Jon