Day 3: August 24, 2016

Location: Anchored between Merchant and Harbor Island, in Merchant's Row.

This morning the sun rose bright on the "Hypothermians" as the trainees of the Alamar have dubbed themselves. They were ashore on Harbor Island, state owned and part of the Maine Island Trail, having braved a night of minor hardship as part of a "Shipwreck" training exercise.

Spending a night on an island in Maine is a unique and special experience, especially a small uninhabited one, and the trainees this morning were giddy when we picked them up. Happy, and ready to pass our test to get back aboard, having a name for themselves and singing a song. We've got video of the song to share later.

Yesterday we had a beautiful day of sailing, and right away the students set the sails, steering us out of a narrow Anchorage and navigating down Eggomogin Reach. Cody was a pro, taking right to the charts. Conner was sharp on sail trim, and Oliver and Adam were naturals on the helm. Nick was an excellent navigator as well. Throughout the day all the students rotated spots, alternating between steering navigating and bow watch. They're naturals!

By the midday we had reached the bottom of the reach and started taking down Jericho bay, headed for Harbor Island south of Stonington and north of Isle of Haute. They all had to learn to find the balance of sailing close hauled so we could make progress to windward, and how to steer the boat through a tack.


They're having a great time, working as a crew, laughing and learning together, in the most beautiful place in the world, the coast of Maine.

Capt. Jon