Sailing in Paradise

For our final voyage of the season, our trainees went out sailing on the schooner Alamar from Bucks Harbor up in Penobscot Bay.  Our Captain has sailed in waters around the world, but he still counts Pen Bay as his favorite of them all. Here is his recounting of our final voyage of 2016...

Day 2: August 23, 2016

We are currently sailing on a beautiful beam reach down Eggomogin Reach, headed for an Anchorage in Merchant's Row and perhaps an island adventure.

The trainees have been fantastic, ready to chip in and work and laugh together right from the start, stowing groceries, moving on, then learning all about Alamar and our safety systems.

Last night we wound up anchored in Orcutt Harbor, then began today with a morning dip, pancakes and sailing lessons. For some non swimmers the dip was a great challenge, but everyone did really well, tho the water was certainly bracing!

After sailing lessons the trainees set the sails, then sailed us off the anchor, and now we're trading duties, eating snacks, and having a great time.

Lots of fun, jokes and smiles. Everything is going well.

Everything is great.

Capt. Jon