Voyage 1 is Underway!

Now that summer has arrived, there are a myriad of ways to pass a Sunday afternoon.  A day in the park, or strolling around Old Port comes to mind as the sun shines down and the temperatures rise.  Some of us even go sailing! And that's exactly what local teens did as we all piled in a car and drove down to Fairhaven, Massachusetts to hop on the brigantine Fritha.

For the uninitiated, a brigantine is a type of traditional sailing rig, and a versatile one at that. With square-rigged sails on the foremast (the mast towards the bow), and gaff-rigged sails on the mainmast (the mast towards the stern), she has a huge variety of sail combinations to make her go.

Jack, Aiden, Ava, Jenna, Nick and Ethan all stepped onboard the boat as the afternoon breeze came up in the waters between Fairhaven and New Bedford. With a forecast breeze out of the South for nearly the entire week ahead, they should have a voyage of a lifetime as they make their way back home to Portland, Maine. 

Each day, we'll post up photos and accounts from their journals as they explore the New England coast, sail the same grounds that whalers have in years gone by, and sail a beautiful tall ship across some of the most biodiverse ocean waters on the East Cost. Let's hope they see whales!

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