Tall Ships Portland 2015

Tall Ships, as a magnificent fleet, were last seen in Portland in 2000, as part of OpSail. A gathering never seen before with 20 tall ships, and hundreds of thousands of visitors, memories ran long and defined the efforts to bring in a new fleet 15 years later. The 2015 display of ships was smaller in scale with fewer vessels, but no less magnificent or enjoyable. Expectations ran high to repeat the success of 2000, along with its trials and tribulations.

In the end, the 2015 event was considered a tremendous achievement that showcased the emerging waterfront, and brought more than 65,000 spectators over the three-day period. Most of all, it established a much-needed Maine nonprofit dedicated to youth education and empowerment at sea, and in its first year the organization arranged full scholarships for 17 local teens.

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Tens of thousands turn out for 13 tall ships

The Parade of Sail is the highlight of a festival celebrating the time when large sailing ships routinely plied Maine waters.


Portland's area hotels and restaurants brace for busy days.

Hospitality providers report heavy bookings as they get spiffed up, stocked up, and staffed up for a weekend of tall ships, and more!


thousands throng portland's waterfront

The Tall Ships Portland 2015 festival, featuring 13 sailing vessels, will continue public tours through Monday evening.


A word with the boss: TAll ship organizer's days are long

Sailing enthusiast and publisher Alex Agnew is excited to have more than a dozen ships to squeeze into the harbor this weekend.


Maine students learn the ropes of the 'wind machines'

The teenagers are schooled in the complicated art of sailing...and challenges in general. A summer trip for the ages!


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