Wish List

Donations of the following items and supplies allow us to continue our mission and better equip students heading out to sea

To arrange for us to pick these items up email info@sailingshipsmaine.org

We will issue a letter for each donation we accept describing the item received

Sailing Ships Maine is a 501(c)3. Donations are tax-deductible.

Schoonerfest_Schooner Adventure_062417_5805_preview.jpeg

Boats suitable for donation 

Foul weather gear for sail trainees (5 sets needed)

Rubber boots for sail trainees (multiple pairs in various sizes)


Inflatable life jackets 

Apple laptops 

Used sails 

Marine books for our library in Portland 


Navigation tools 

Inboard and outboard engines for winter projects 

Hard bottom inflatables in good condition

Marine lines and ropes 

Etc. etc. etc.

Write us at info@tallshipsmaine.org with pickup instructions