Sailing Ships Weekend FAQs

Answers To Your Questions:

When will the two ships be in Portland?

Both Eagle and Oliver Hazard Perry will be in Portland from August 4-6, 2017.

Where will the tall ships be docked?

Both USCGC Eagle and SSV Oliver Hazard Perry will be docked at the Portland Ocean Terminal; a secure facility on the Eastern side of Maine State Pier on Portland's waterfront.

How much are tickets?

Admission to both vessels is free to the public!


When will the ships be open for public tours?

Although the times are subject to slight change (which will be publicly announced here on this website), tour times are as follows:

USCGC Eagle:

Saturday Aug. 5   10am-7pm

Sunday Aug. 6    10am-7pm

SSV Oliver Hazard Perry:  

Saturday Aug. 5   10:30am-5pm

Sunday Aug. 6     10:30am-5pm

Is there parking available?

There is limited street parking available nearby, along with many parking garages throughout the Old Port. Downtown Portland is very busy in the summertime, and this should be taken into account when planning your day.

Is there a Parade of Sail on Friday, August 4?

There is not a Parade of Sail planned, although you can watch Eagle come into Portland Harbor towards 9am, and she will be docked at her spot along the Portland Ocean Terminal by 10am.  The arrival time of Oliver Hazard Perry is still TBD.

Are small children and babies allowed onboard?

Yes! We only ask that you keep a watchful eye on your children while aboard, to prevent any tripping or other accidents.

Are strollers permitted on ships?

No. They're permitted on the pier up to the vessel's gangway, but unfortunately they will have to be left on shore due to limited mobility on board the boat.

Are wheelchairs permitted on ships?

No. Wheelchairs are allowed in the venue, but there's no accessibility on board the ships.

Are food, beverages, or coolers allowed into festival grounds or on-board the ships?

You may bring food and non-alcoholic beverages with you in a small backpack or day bag. Water is recommended. All items are subject to search prior to entrance. No open liquids will be allowed on the ships, there will be tables at the entrances to each ship where liquids can be placed and picked up after the tours.

Are costumes allowed?

Yes, patrons may wear costumes, but weapons (even plastic replicas) are not permitted.

Are dogs allowed?

Service Dogs will be permitted into the event grounds, but pets will not.

Are backpacks allowed into the festival grounds?

Yes, but they will be subject to inspection.

Are cameras and video recorders allowed?

Non-commercial photography and video is allowed. Commercial and media photographers should contact

Can the ships' location be tracked as they make their way to Portland?

Yes, you may visit’s Fleet Tracker to see the progress of any ship that has tracking enabled. The USCGC Eagle will probably not be visible on any tracking program.

Will the ships be sailing in close to shore to be viewed from land as they make their way to Portland?

Each ship sets their own course based on many factors and we can't predict whether or not they'll be visible up until their arrival outside Portland Harbor. Once inside, they should be visible from South Portland, the Eastern Promenade, and the Eastern section of the Portland Waterfront.


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